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A Private Collection consisting of:

Colt Fire Arms Factory Paper, Ephemera, Advertising,

Letters, Memorabilia, Instructions, AR-15 Optics,

Knives, Ammo boxes, Revolvers, Pistols & Sporting Collectibles




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1910 Colt woman shooting target brochure Colt policerevolver handbook 1925 Colt police pamphlet 'who goes there' Romance of the Colt pamphlet


This 309 page, 8,559 image, private website is about Colt Firearms: ephemera, advertising, manuals, instructions, memorabilia, letters, AR-15 paper, and catalogs.  As well as: Colt Rifle Optics, Colt Knives, Pre-WW2 Ammo Boxes and Colt Pre-WW2 Revolvers. 


While the site covers 1900 to 2000, the center of attention is on the era from 1900 to 1940, when Colt was at the top of the firearms manufacturing game.  It is about history and preservation.



Colt Paperwork 10 Page Display: 

Handbook, Pamphlet, Instruction, & Brochure Collection


A Colt Firearms paperwork & marketing collection with descriptions,

dates printed, images, and contents of hundreds of Colt paper items


Colt ad: Now this cashier carries a Colt Colt 1914 Cellar Club woman shooting revolver Colt police revolver hand book Colt pamphlet cover featuring cop and Old Pal revolver Colt Officer' Model target revolver brochure


Display Pages:


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Colt Archery pages 1 & 2


Duplicates from this collection:   FOR SALE


Gottschalk Colt Paper Collection

Pages:    1   |   2   |   3   |   4   Colt Cuts


 Colt Fire Arms Communication

Customer and dealer letters to and from the Colt Fire Arms Factory

Colt factory letter to owner about parts for his .32 New Police revolver 1930s letter to the Colt fire arms factory

1900 to 1990s

Letters to and from the Colt Factory



Colt Pre-WW2 Revolvers & Pistol

 Full Catalogs with Illustrated Price Lists 1903 - 1941

Examples of Colt Catalog Covers

1908, 1910, 1923, 1927 & 1941

Front cover of Colt 1908 catalog Colt 1910 catalog with revolvers and pistols Colt 1920 catalog with revolvers and pistols Colt 1928 catalog with revolvers and pistols Colt Firearms 1938 catalog with 40 pages of revolvers and pistols

60+ pages of Colt factory catalogs & contents:

showing revolvers and automatic pistols


Pre-WW2 Colt Revolver & Pistol Catalogs - Illustrated Price Lists


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Colt Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructions

Instruction paperwork placed in the factory box by Colt


Colt woodsman .22 caliber automatic pistol  Colt 1908 vest pocket .25 caliber automatic pistol  Colt Ace .22 caliber automatic pistol

1900-1970 Colt 'Automatic' Pistol Instructions

Pages:    1    |     2    |      3     |     4   



Colt 1924 -1941 Revolver & Semi-Automatic Pistol

Illustrated Price Lists in this collection

Retail, Dealer, and Jobber paperwork with pictures and prices


Colt illustrated price list from 1929  Colt lllustrated price list 1936  1938 Colt illustrated price list


15+ Illustrated Pages  (IPL) = Illustrated Price List *


Colt illustrated price list examples 1924 to 1941



Colt 1929 -1992 Price List of Component Parts

Revolver and Automatic Pistol Catalogs & Brochures


Colt price list of component parts 1930  1936 Colt price list for component parts catalog Note 1936 Shield 'Logo'  Colt 'Commando' revolver, .38 Special, parts flyer  A parts flyer for the Colt Match Target Woodsman Automatic Pistol ,


Colt Price List of Component Parts Brochures and Catalogs



Post-WW2 Colt Fires Arms Catalog Collection:

Early Colt Civilian & Law Enforcement Rifles & Optics

Tracking the 1960s introduction and sale of the Colt AR-15 rifle


Colt's 1949 revolver and pistol catalog 2004 Colt Law Enforcement Catalog 1998 Colt law enforcement catalog of rifles and revolvers


 Collections: 1947-79   |  1980s   |  1990s  |   2000s



Colt Civilian & Military AR-Rifle

Instruction Manuals & Paperwork Collection

Colt AR-15 & M16 operator manuals, instructions, and factory paperwork

 from the Vietnam War years to 2000s


1968 Colt AR-15 Sporter rifle manual form A 11-72   Colt 1974 M-16 D-4 brochure  Colt AR-15 Sporter Rifles and Carbine manual 1979  Colt M16A1 rifle operator's manual 1977


Collections: 1959 to 2000s 

 Manuals   |   1959-70s   |   1980s   |   1990s   |   2000s



1964-1992 Colt AR Rifle & Handgun Optics Collection

Colt, C-More, Realist, Vietnam War,
Optics for civilian AR-15 and military M16 rifles


Colt 3 x 20 AR-15 scope with box


Colt 3 x 20 Realist Vietnam era M16 scope in box

Colt tactical scope 10 x 42 mm.

Colt red dot RAMA scope for the AR-15 rifle

Leupold Colt M8 2X20 on Python Hunter as sold 1981


Colt Rifle-Pistol Optics Index & Displays



Colt Branded Fixed Blade Knife Collection


Colt 1004 branded knife  1970s Colt-Olsen fixed blade knife


Colt Cutlery Knife Index


1993-1997 Knives  |  1971-1974 Knives


Colt branded knife  Colt Sheffield-skinner-knife



Pre-WW2 Ammo Box Collection


Western Colt .45 ammo box Winchester Wimbledon-Cup-special match ammo box Peter police box .38 Special Police Match, Wad Cutter 148 gr.

300+ Ammunition Box Collection


Boxes Listed by Caliber


Caliber .22 to .30    |    Caliber .32 to .357


Caliber .38 to .380   |    Caliber .44 and up



Colt Railroad Marked Revolvers:

1904 -1930

American Express Co.,

American Railway Express

Railway Express Agency


 Colt 1904 .38 cal. 'American Railway Express' revolver Colt 1930 .38 caliber Railway Express Agency revolver

Colt's involvement in

American railroad history

American Railway Express Co. police officer badge Railway Expreess Agency police badge

Railway Marked Colt  revolvers

Railway Paper, Watches, Badges, etc



1900 to 1945 Colt U. S. Military Revolvers

Colt's involvement in the American military

 and 1900 - 1945 Civilian & Law Enforcement


Colt poster-Colt in the lead ww-1  Colt poster-Colt to the front ww-2


Colt U. S Army Revolvers


Colt U.S. Army commando revolver c.1943)  Colt U.S. Army M1894 .38 Long Colt revolver  Colt M1917 U.S. Army revolver with accessories


Pre-1940 Law, Civilian & Military Colt Revolvers and Pistols


Detailed Pages:   1   |   2   |    3  


Revolvers from this collection FOR SALE



Colt leader in law enforcement poster



Vintage Colt Fire Arms Print Ad Display


Colt's Pre-WW2 marketing and advertising

history featuring vintage print ads


1907 Colt ad featuring a woman firing a revolver Colt vintage print ads


Pages:     |    2 



Miscellaneous Colt Fire Arms Material

 (80+) Colt Articles and Topics you may miss otherwise


vintage Texas Ranger Colt Collectors photo

Texas Rangers and their 'guns'


Colt Articles & Display Index




The CCA Rampant Colt Magazine Collection

90+ issues: 1993 to 2023 in this private collection


2000 winter rampant colt magazine cover 2001 summer rampant colt magazine cover 2012 spring rampant colt magazine cover 2018 summer rampant colt magazine cover

The Rampant Colt Magazine is a production of the Colt Collectors Assn.

Featuring the photography and artwork of Paul M Goodwin


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This non-commercial Colt reference website contains aggregated research notes & images from my personal Colt collection. I occasionally use openly posted information on the internet which is used here under the Fair Use doctrine for educational purposes. The information displayed is not in anyway meant to infringe on copyrighted material ....